Rotary Day 2019

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Rotary Day 2019

We wish to share this proposal with you.

We start from the conviction that Rotary, thanks to the contemporary leaders participation, is a vital organism that increasingly needs to be a dynamic protagonist in the life of our Countries and of a united Europe.

Unfortunately, today we perceive that Europe is going through a difficult time with some risk of breaking up. We are convinced that it is up to us Rotarians, with our shared history, identity, the values of serving, and our spirit which is generous, creative, energetic and sympathetic, to speak with one voice to protect our common home.

There is no doubt that we are at a turning point in civilization. Recalling the motivation and spirit of service that inspired the founders of the oldest European Clubs, we must contribute to contending the uncertainties and irrational centrifugal forces that are undermining the very foundations of Europe. We hope, therefore, in a joint action providing new vigor to the ideals that have allowed our Europe to grow for sixty years, which will be carried out through ideas, proposals and language, in a shared vision stemming from the key features of European Rotarian leadership: ethics, professionalism and culture.

To this end, we propose a meeting in Rome on Rotary Day 2019

We choose Rome because on the Capitoline Hill were signed on March 25, 1957 the treaties which constituted the first steps towards the European Union.

We would like to organize a forum, sponsored by our Districts in which the oldest European Clubs and all Rotarians can bring their experience and speak with a common voice about Europe to Europe and to the European Institutions leaders. On that occasion we will approve a “Manifesto” to which we hope all Rotarians and Rotaractors will contribute with their ideas.

Yours in Rotary.

trattatiroma bn
  • Patrizia Cardone - 2080 DG (Italy)
  • Sjerp van der Vaart - 1600 DG (The Netherlands)
  • RenĂ© Friederici - 1630 DG (Belgium/Luxembourg)
  • Philippe Cacaux - 1770 DG (France)
  • Joachim Goetz - Past 1870 DG (Germany)
  • Hanna Visser - Vice President Rotaract Europe
  • Roberta Mameli - RAC 2080 RD
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