Rotary Day 2019

Rotaract & the European Union


Now, for the first time in the history of the world, nations have united and organized what men know as the United Nations. Rotarians are deeply grateful that governments around the world are following the path traced by Rotary 41 years ago. In more than 70 countries, Rotarians have sown seeds, prepared the minds of their respective countrymen, and now the harvest comes, the nations of the world finally join together in the name of the United Nations” 

(1946 Atlantic City Convention) Paul Harris.

On Rotary Day, District 2080 organized two days over the weekend of 22-23 February 2019 to learn more about the European Union and invites Rotarians and Rotaractors from all over Europe to attend.

The purpose of this initiative is to emphasize that the political union of the continent is primarily based on common values and a connection between past and present, the same that our District wants to emphasize by promoting debate between generations.
In the magnificent Roman setting where the Treaties that laid the foundations of the European Union were signed in 1957, the precious anniversary of Rotary Day will come to life.
The super
weekend dedicated to Rotaract and Europe will open its curtain on 22 February 2019 at 3:30pm with an amazing Flash mob that will see more than 500 people animate Piazza del Popolo in a choreography created in collaboration with the National Academy of Dance. The entire exhibition will be filmed by drones and projected on a big screen, while during the event a gear will come to life in the center of the square creating an effect of unique spectacle.
It is important to communicate the names of those who still want to participate in the event, by sending an e-mail to the following address:  For those who could not actively participate in the Flash mob there will be the opportunity to see the show from the terrace of the Pincio.
The evening of February 22, 2019 will take place at the majestic Grand Hotel St. Regis (Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 3) at 8:00pm, where there will be the Welcome Dinner Interclub that will involve all European Rotary Clubs in a fantastic “reunion”.
We’re calling Rotarians and Rotaractors across Europe to action for an event that promises to be a milestone in the history of our association.
Be International! Be Rotaractors!



It’s good that there’s nothing in Rotary that’s so sacred that it can’t be set aside for better things. Ours is a time of experimentation in a changing world, and everything that proves deserving and progressive is the result of previous successes and failures.” 

Paul Harris

This year, Rotary International District 2080 offers an unmissable opportunity. On 23 February 2019, the Angelicum Congress Center – Largo Angelicum, 1 in Rome, will host the “Rotary4Europe” Forum organized by our District 2080 in collaboration with the Districts:
– 1600 – DG Sjerp van dar Vaart, Netherlands
– 1630 – DG René Friederici, Belgium/Luxembourg
– 1770 – DG Philippe Cacaux, France
– 1870 – PDC Joachim Goetz, Germany
– and Hanna Visser (Vice-President Rotaract Europe- ERIC)

The cost for participation in the Forum is 20.00 euros, a low cost, given the speeches of leading speakers in the European landscape: through the website you can follow all the updates related to the day.

The Forum will close with the signing of the Manifesto of European Rotarians: Rotary and the European Union have much in common and through this Manifesto we can develop and support shared values. Rotary, with its mission to promote peace, democracy, human rights, and sustainable development, can thus renew the European spirit.

On the afternoon, workshops will be held to explain the possibility of cooperating with Rotary on two different levels:
– A project cooperation that will allow Rotaractors and young Rotarians (up to the age of 30) to participate in the Plastic free initiative “Solidarity Corps and Rotaract Europe Project” (in English) (in Italian) promoted by the Commission;
– Two days of highly professional Leader training seminars in Brussels to connect Rotaractors with the work of European institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of Europe.

Reservations for Rotaractors can be made online at the following link:

The European Solidarity Corps initiative promotes and finances both voluntary projects in Europe and professional mobility projects (work experience, internship or apprenticeship).
ANPAL for European Solidarity Corps offers 2,000 jobseekers the opportunity to gain work experience or paid traineeship of between 2 and 12 months in one of the 28 Member States of the European Union.
Through the collaboration with District Rotary 2080, each club will be able to carry out international service projects funded by the Solidarity Corps.

You can consult the website for more information on the initiative:
An opportunity that every Rotaractor should not miss!

Be International! Be Rotaractors!



Since the founding of Rotaract in 1968, first as a Rotary youth program, currently as a Partner in Service, the international component was one of the four pillars. The ideals of Rotaract are based on community service, professional development and leadership, combined with a lot of fun!

Although a lot of European Rotaract clubs focus on their own local community, there is also a great interest in service across the continent. Through three-annual meetings, Rotaract members from across Europe are looking for joint projects to serve.

During the European Meetings there is a focus on cultural diversity, and on joining forces. Projects organized from the European Rotaract Information Centre (ERIC) are spreading through Europe. And despite our differences we will find our common goals, towards a better future for everyone.

We believe that with the resources and the knowledge from the European Union, combined with the leadership and spirit of European Rotaractors, we can serve communities across Europe. Working together, across borders, creates mutual understanding and a better future.

We would like to invite all European Rotaractors to join us on the weekend of February 23. We will hear, speak and discuss about issues that are involving each of us. Together we can take action!

Rotaract, the Rotary family as a whole, and the European Union have a lot of values in common. Discussing the common ground, values as democracy and human rights, we have a unique opportunity to renew our ideals. What future do we choose?

Rotaract, be the inspiration!

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