Rotary Day 2019

Rotaract & the European Union

Since the founding of Rotaract in 1968, first as a Rotary youth program, currently as a Partner in Service, the international component was one of the four pillars. The ideals of Rotaract are based on community service, professional development and leadership, combined with a lot of fun!

Although a lot of European Rotaract clubs focus on their own local community, there is also a great interest in service across the continent. Through three-annual meetings, Rotaract members from across Europe are looking for joint projects to serve.

During the European Meetings there is a focus on cultural diversity, and on joining forces. Projects organized from the European Rotaract Information Centre (ERIC) are spreading through Europe. And despite our differences we will find our common goals, towards a better future for everyone.

We believe that with the resources and the knowledge from the European Union, combined with the leadership and spirit of European Rotaractors, we can serve communities across Europe. Working together, across borders, creates mutual understanding and a better future.

We would like to invite all European Rotaractors to join us on the weekend of February 23. We will hear, speak and discuss about issues that are involving each of us. Together we can take action!

Rotaract, the Rotary family as a whole, and the European Union have a lot of values in common. Discussing the common ground, values as democracy and human rights, we have a unique opportunity to renew our ideals. What future do we choose?

Rotaract, be the inspiration!

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